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Red Wing Stoneware crocks, jugs, water coolers, pitchers, mugs, and beater jars – just the words evoke images reminiscent of bygone eras. Through generations, and across the nation, Red Wing Stoneware products have become highly sought after by Red Wing collectors. By continuing the production of Red Wing Stoneware using century-old, traditional methods, we at Red Wing Stoneware Company are re-creating those heirlooms to be treasured by generations to come. Made with American pride, our Red Wing Stoneware products are carefully handcrafted by skilled artisans in our Red Wing, Minnesota manufacturing facility. Each piece of stoneware, decorated with our classic cobalt blue design and exclusive Red Wing stamp, is traditional, functional and may become a “collectible.”

Our Red Wing Stoneware products are created using traditional methods of production that require high quality materials, skilled craftsmanship, and teamwork. We are proud to continue these time-honored techniques in order to provide you with a collection of beautiful, excellent quality Red Wing Stoneware.

The process of producing our stoneware has many steps. First, we acquire dry clay from a variety of states, such as South Dakota, Virginia and Tennessee. Then, using our exclusive formula, we blend those clays into a clay mixture that is made into stoneware by using three "old-fashioned" methods.

Some of the clay is hand thrown by our potters on a potter’s wheel. Some of the clay is liquefied. This liquid “slip” is poured into plaster molds that are designed and produced inhouse by our master mold maker. Another portion of the clay mixture is molded on a ram press, using press dies that are also made in-house by our master mold maker.

Next, each piece of Red Wing Stoneware is carefully handfinished by a team of skilled artisans. We offer a variety of decorations that help meet individual preferences as well as complement many different types of décor. Some of these decorations include the classic Red Wing, Blue Fern, Birch Leaf, Sponge, Apple, Sunflower and Green Fern designs. Several pieces are hand-decorated with a cobalt blue band or an overall blue-sponge pattern. Pieces that carry the delicate Blue Fern design are individually hand-painted, which makes each pretty piece especially unique.

Our stoneware is then glazed and fired up to 2230 degrees in our natural gas kiln. Some pieces are fired several times in the kiln depending on their type of decoration.

And finally, in addition to supplying our own retail store that adjoins our factory, we ship our beautiful stoneware to retailers and customers around the world.

Red Wing Stoneware products are not just decorative, but sturdy, practical and functional. Stoneware makes an excellent vessel for baking, as the insulating ability of our clay provides for even cooking. In addition, the nature of our stoneware retains the hot or cold temperature of its contents. For example, our Water Coolers keep ice water and other beverages cold for hours.

The smooth glaze on our stoneware makes it easy to clean. And every piece is lead-safe and safe for use in the dishwasher, microwave and oven.

These versatile pieces can be used in your home, cabin, office, or anywhere you choose. Our customers love to share with us the many ways they use Red Wing Stoneware for both decorative and functional purposes. We are delighted to share their wonderful ideas with you throughout this web-site!

A new generation of Red Wing Stoneware collectors is adding to the history books as they move many of our stoneware pieces into the collector’s market. Many communities have ordered pieces that are custom-decorated, numbered and dated to commemorate their community events, centennial, sesquicentennial, bicentennial, etc. Many businesses, churches, clubs, and organizations have ordered personalized pieces for advertising or fundraising purposes, or as gifts for their members. These specialized pieces become desirable as collectible items because of their limited number, date, and customized features. For information on ordering custom-decorated products, call 651.388.4610 or 1.800.352.4877 or fax us at 651.388.0208.

Each year, in addition to producing our existing line of stoneware, the Red Wing Stoneware Company re-creates a “special” numbered and dated commemorative piece, a replica of one of the original Red Wing products. This commemorative piece is typically unveiled at our factory showroom in July during the Red Wing Collectors Society national convention, which is held every year in Red Wing, Minnesota.

We invite you to visit our showroom, take a regularly scheduled factory tour (click on "Tours" for current times) , and meet our Red Wing Stoneware Company family. Special group tours can be arranged. We are located four miles northwest of beautiful historic Red Wing along U.S. Highway 61 at 4909 Moundview Drive. If you can’t visit us in person, please call us at 651.388.4610 or 1.800.352.4877, or fax us at 651.388.0208. We will be happy to help you add to your existing collection of Red Wing Stoneware. Or, if you have questions about how to begin a collection, we would love to help you “wing” it!

Please call or e-mail for more information.

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